St Neots Cycling Club race team - a real life case study

News Written by Richard Harris

We at My Pinnacle Nutrition aim to provide sports nutrition supplements that improve performance, naturally, thereby only benefitting your health.

Earlier in the year, we announced our partnership with St Neots Cycling Club (SNCC), where by the racing team of SNCC are now fuelled by our unique performance products.

We, along with the SNCC guys would like to briefly share the experience in forming this partnership. In doing so, we hope to highlight our genuine interest in providing them, and you, with only the highest quality products, and distinguishing ourselves by not becoming ‘just another sports nutrition brand’. 

An Introduction…

Like all of our customers, the racing team at SNCC were initially sceptical about our products, as the sports nutrition industry is rife with unwarranted claims.

As we at MPN take pride in the research and development of our products, we naturally wanted to prove to the guys from SNCC that we are genuine, and we have thoroughly researched the ingredients in our products, and the reviews from our customers are not by chance. 


Unfortunately cycling is a difficult sport to do any form of reliable and valid testing outside of a laboratory, due to the never ending changing conditions. Nevertheless, SNCC were keen to trial our products, and after a few weeks of e-mail and telephone tennis, a plan was formed without the need for a laboratory! 

The plan…

SNCC take part in a regular Tuesday evening training ride, termed ‘chaingang’. The chaingang route usually takes the guys around 90 minutes to complete. We all agreed therefore it was the perfect distance to trial myedge, our unique endurance product to be taken before exercise.

The guys were to trial myedge on their chaingang rides, as well as individual races during a three – week period. We agreed this would allow for some accurate conclusions to be made about the effectiveness of myedge. 

Before the trials…

As discussed previously, SNCC and the race team were sceptical of our products in the first instance, and rightly so. The main reason we entered our industry was from a desire to do better, and provide sports nutrition supplements that are formulated using only the latest scientific evidence, in order to provide our customers with only what they need, and nothing that that they don’t.

After the trials…

We were delighted when the guys responded remarkably similar to the rest of customers.

Below are some genuine snippets of the initial feedback from the SNCC race team:

“While not quite "open mouth, eat humble pie time", I do think I noticed an improvement or at least an effect based on last nights ride. :)”
“We basically did a 2 man 2 up time trial from the roundabout, 1 minute on, 1 minute off, on the front in turns on the return leg. Despite a fairly strong cross headwind and only 2 of us, we maintained a 24 mph average for the return leg, putting in some quick times, while both feeling fairly fresh.”
“The biggest difference I noticed, was the recovery periods. It felt like I could recover quicker / better once I came off the front and into Ed's slip stream, so I was more recovered then normal for the next turn on the front.”
“Very similar to joe, when I rode home (sulking and swearing under my breath about f***ing aero wheels) the recovery periods for efforts ie up hills etc I’m convinced I felt improvements in how quickly the burn dissipated.”
“Wednesday morning, like Joe, I felt surprisingly good, none of the usual heaviness in the legs I usually get post chain gang."
“During the race I felt good and was able to push the pace and take some long turns on the front. I also found that when I came off the front I soon felt ready to go again. I had no bloating or tingling. My thighs felt sore immediately after the race and during the evening, but the next day on our ‘recovery’ ride I was surprised at how much my legs had recovered.”

Its safe to say…

We would like to thank the SNCC race team for taking the time to work with us, listen to our thoughts and agreeing to trial, and now use our products for their racing. We are proud to support SNCC and their racing team with our products. 

We will continue to fuel and work with the SNCC race team, assisting them in their quest for victories in their many racing series.


Thanks on behalf of MPN and SNCC for reading this case study. We hope it has helped you realise our passion for what we do here at MPN. 

Yours in performance and health.

Team MPN.

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