'How to' guide

Removing the guesswork

We're regularly asked many different questions relating to our products, none more so than when's the best time to consume them.

Welcome then, to our 'how to' guide.

By including the what's, why's, when's and how's, this guide will ensure you experience the greatest benefits in endurance performance from using our three performance products. It also contains brief discussions about how to practice your nutritional strategies for competing, why carbohydrates are vital for endurance performance, what we consider to be the optimum for energy intake during sport, as well as different sporting scenarios where our products may be used; an example being an olympic distance triathlon. 

Our 'how to' guide is also a vital part of our PB promise money back guarantee. Included are the best methods of how to use myedge, in order to ensure you beat your PB. 

Please click here to view the 'how to' guide. We hope you all find it useful!

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