myrace bundle

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  • 46 Servings!
  • Our 3 unique performance products, bundled together!
  • Whatever your sport, we've got you covered
  • 2 MPN sports bottles included!*
  • Zero sugar based ingredients
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Product Description

This bundle contains each of our three unique performance products; myedge, myendurance, and myrecovery, but at a massive saving of over 30% of our RRP. This bundle will cover you, no matter what your sport, from start to finish.

This bundle contains:

1 x myedge (450g - 10 servings). Please select which flavour of myedge you would prefer in the tab above - either Natural Mango, or Natural Peach

1 x myendurance (890g - 24 servings). Natural Orange and Mango flavour.

1 x myrecovery (830g - 12 servings). Natural Strawberry flavour.

2 x My Pinnacle Nutrition Sports Bottles (*included in first bundle order only). 

Key Benefits

myedge is a unique, premium pre-exercise energy drink that has been designed  specifically to be taken BEFORE exercise. To understand more about this phenomenal product, please click here.

myendurance is to be taken DURING exercise to promote a successful strategy in maintaining your endurance performance and hydration status. To learn more about myendurance, please click here.

myrecovery is a premium carbohydrate and protein recovery drink, specifically for use AFTER exercise. Please click here to find out more about myrecovery.

Nutritional Information

Please see each individual product listing above to learn about the nutritional information for each product.


Please see each individual product listing above to find out the usage instructions for each product.

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